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One user commented: “That is one gorgeous bed,” with another writing: “Bed envy x.” reported information provided by estate agent Savill’s that Oliver had purchased a £10 million home in Hampstead, boasting beautiful garden views and a stunning staircase.

She gushed about her pit bulls on social media and posted numerous photos of them.

His brother was treated for dog bite injuries and released.

The male pit bull was found dead at the scene; the dog reportedly had a severe case of heartworms and became overexcited during the attack causing heart failure.

Tyler Trammell-Huston, 9-years old, was brutally killed by his sister's three pit bulls after she left him alone with the dogs.

At the time of the attack, Tyler was staying with his half-sister, Alexandria Griffin-Heady, who hoped to "rescue" him from the foster system.

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    D., and a feudal society emerged which began the modern unification of the Korean Peninsula along Confucian lines.

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