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Nor do car buyers anticipate that the purchase of a particular vehicle will improve their dating prospects, whatever marketers might want them to believe.Neophytes are rare and becoming rarer in online dating.There is another reason why the easy accessibility of online dating might not impair commitment as easily as Slater suggests.People in satisfying relationships often deal with the availability of tempting alternatives by mentally derogating those alternatives while simultaneously perceiving their own relationships more favorably.1h 34min | (2015) After six years of keeping our malls safe, Paul Blart has earned a well-deserved vacation.He heads to Vegas with his teenage daughter before she heads off to college.So far, the online dating industry has resisted calls to conduct or even participate in such research.Until that happens, when you read one or another claim about the impact of online dating, "show me the evidence" is the most appropriate conclusion.

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As the social psychologist Caryl Rusbult and others have shown, these mental adjustments protect our relationships by making potential alternatives seem less enticing.I have a friend—I will call him Mack—who estimates having initial contacts with about 350 women in a four-year span, of which only a handful progressed beyond superficial meetings. Mack is all too aware that clicking on a web profile and establishing a mutually enjoyable relationship are entirely different matters.Unlike Slater's Jacob, Mack views online dating less as a cornucopia of spectacular opportunities and more as one of several low-probability sources of access to other singles, which might, if he is lucky, pay off.It's not hard to see how online dating sites promote the impression that attractive alternatives can be met with a minimum of effort.Advertisements routinely feature images and descriptions of numerous highly desirable partners, while promising that a user can, as one site puts it, "find your soulmate in 20 minutes or less." What's more, online dating sites sometimes undermine satisfaction, another major predictor of commitment, when they insist that users should not settle until they find their "perfect match:" someone who is completely and ideally suited to oneself.

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