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It’s not just who you will date or the people you will meet, but the experiences you will have.One of the things to remember is that while dating can be a lot of fun, don’t feel forced to do it, or to move into anything you don’t feel comfortable with – sexually or otherwise.Always make sure you’re in a relationship that makes you feel safe (mentally, emotionally and physically) and secure.

So, we reached out to 22 dating experts, bloggers & matchmakers to give us some insight into their early dating lives with the question, “If you were having a conversation with a young person who had not started dating yet, what would you share with them?

It is way easier to recover from a boundary you realize was crossed by a little than by a lot. From where you meet, to making sure that someone else knows where you are and with whom, from asking for consent to obtaining, discussing and using whatever safer sex products are the best choice for you.

If someone puts you down or suggests that there is something wrong with you, listen to your gut and find someone else to date who makes you feel awesome about yourself. There are no right or wrongs when it comes to dating. Talk to friends or adults with similar values about what they have learned in their experience, read about dating from other youth at places like or books like The Little Black Book for Boyz/Girls written by other youth in Toronto. Focus on yourself and what you want to do and don’t worry about what others are or are not doing.

I would say, It’s hard for us to feel pleasure when we feel unhappy or ashamed of our bodies.

So as much as you can, surround yourself with people, and books, and movies, and images, and organizations, that make you feel good about yourself in your body.

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