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Nichols also describes how Duncan went into an "altered form of consciousness" when doing these kinds of experiments, much like Eleven is more or less incapacitated once she descends into that dark water world of hers.

Nichols also claims Duncan could manipulate time and space and open dimensional portals, much like Eleven.

According to the text, the Montauk Chair was a chair that had been enhanced with unimaginable technology: it could manifest whatever its subject was imagining.

Basically, the chair would purportedly read the seated person's mind and make their thoughts a reality.

The trailer for the film itself rehashes the story we've just gone over: the government experiences, the invisibility, even the time travel. According to Bielek, they were intercepted by a man named Dr.

Here's where things connect: a man named Alfred Bielek saw the film and experienced the strangest sense of déjà vu. von Neumann, whom they had also worked with in 1943. von Neumann told Bielek that they had inadvertently created a hole in hyperspace.

With two seasons under its belt, Stranger Things is bigger than ever.

Some of Duncan's powers, though, were entirely different.

For instance, and this is important, Duncan could and they would materialize elsewhere on the base.

They built something called "the Montauk Chair." At this point, we meet Preston Nichols, who came into the picture after Bielek's stories began to circulate on a broader scale.

Nichols would go on to write his own account of The Montauk Project.

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