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Las dos empresas que facturan en mi tarjeta de crédito son: PES*SDLMWLKJ CO., LTD RIZHAOFHT*KAINANLIN SHENZHENGracias por su atención. my credit card is charged for two sums for recipient pes * xm gwjck co, ltd and fht * mbifengs. After a few emas they supplied me with a tracking number that simply said the product was "on the way" and gave a 10 day span for expected delivery. It never came, and they will not respond to my emails.Hi I have recently had money taken out of my account from your company. I disputed the charge and reported them to the BBB.I got charged on my account for services I have never used or seen before.this showed up twice on my account ( CTBILL *Lottonlineltd 00001 40.82 USD @ 1.287100000000 ) and I have asked more then once for you to please stop charging me. Act as customer service to issue refunds to people who catch on to their statements so they don't get charge backs. Made me waste my time, but thats why you use a free checking account for online purchases to minimize loss of such time!I haven't purchased anything from from your company either so what I am asking is that you please refund the money that you have taken from my account please .88Email: [email protected] I was charged was a charge for CTBILL *votorantim on my statements and went into my local bank to check this transaction out. please help how to return my money I have 4 charges charged to my AE as follows:12/6/17 1.0512/6/17 3.1712/8/17 3.1712/25/17 6.34I think the 6.34 is for colorfly on my computer which I would like to cancel since I no longer use it. ciao ho un problam con voi di un pagamento intestato a renato xhafa il 25 novembre 2017 di 128.96 merce on mi è ancora arrivata.potete dirmi con quale sito ho comprato la merce?I am waiting to see the outcome of the legitimate transaction as that (2nd) transaction was not authorized. Dear I have already sent a request for the above payment on November 16, 2017 from my Zagreb Mastercard card. my credit card is charged for two sums for recipient pes * xm gwjck co, ltd and fht * mbifengs. rispondetemi al [email protected] queria que me devolvieran un importe de 36,43 euros que me habeis cobrado el pasado 19 de diciembre de mi cuenta...

I purchased a 55" Sony LED Smart TV and my account was debited for 9.11 on the .I've had major neck and back surgeries and the stress of this matter has caused me severe pain and stress.This company is a scam and I advise everyone to check their bank statements and if you have had any money taken out of your account from helpdeskhgww Online Gb to call your bank immediately to cancel your visa card before they have a chance to steal more money from you and report them as a scam so no-one else can be ripped off.They are getting more and more complaints about this outfit all the time.If they have gotten you, your bank should be able to change your card and wipe out the charges, but they say the credit card companies like VISA and Mastercharge have yet to deal with these Chinks.

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    I've absolutely been messaging with people and it was going well for one or two emails and then I was getting really bored or they weren't giving me much to work with or I realized that this person was like talking to literally anyone. I'm giving you the advice it took me years to learn.

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    We have been married for four years and, when I see him, my heart still jumps.

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    Their actions were condoned by the revolting American colonies, partially evidenced by the presence of Oliver Pollack, representative of the American Continental Congress.

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