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Graph theory has not got a chapter of its own, but graph theoretic topics are found as examples and applications all over, especially in the first chapter, but also in the last, where the probabilistic proof method is applied to Ramsey graphs.In comparison the other chapters are more conventional.Ebenso wie die Tatsache, dass der moderne Gast hohe Ansprüche an die Qualität des Essens stellt, einen verantwortungsvollen Umgang mit Ressourcen einfordert und sich immer stärker Gedanken zu den Herstellungsprozessen macht.Massive Umweltbelastung Etwa ein Drittel der Umweltbelastungen in der Schweiz gehen auf das Essen zurück – verursacht durch Ressourcenverbrauch und Emissionen.

In the first chapter much care has been given to explain proof techniques (e.g.Chapter II gives a solid introduction into algebraic structures from groups to Galois fields, and with fast Fourier transforms as an application.Chapter III gives good visualisations of matrix and vector operations and covers the standard topics as far as Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization and eigen vectors, applications are error correcting codes and Ramsey graphs.The books intention is to give an introduction into the mathematics which is needed for computer science and to do this in a way stressing the specific view of a student of computer science. Main applications are RSA encryption and a fast probabilistic test of equality for large numbers.It presupposes as little mathematical knowledge as possible. This chapter probably serves best the intentions of the author.

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