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In April 2010 Metra's executive director, Phil Pagano, faced investigation for taking an unauthorized ,000 bonus and was later found to have improperly received 5,000 in vacation pay.

The day that the agency's board was scheduled to discuss his fate, Pagano stepped in front of a moving Metra train in an apparent suicide.

The Rock Island District originates at La Salle Street Station, and the Metra Electric District originates at Millennium Station.

All of these stations are situated within walking distance of the Chicago Loop, so Metra passengers may also transfer to a different Metra line upon their arrival downtown.

Metra also has been marred by allegations and investigations of corruption.

Freight rail companies still operate some routes; however, these operations are guided by contracted service agreements.

Metra owns all rolling stock and is responsible for all stations along with the respective municipalities.

Although Metra's commuter rail system is designed to connect points all over the Chicago metropolitan area, it does provide some intracity connections within Chicago.

In downtown Chicago, Metra trains originate from one of four stations. The three Union Pacific lines originate at Ogilvie Transportation Center.

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