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I really need financial help, but I don’t have the courage to ask because he has never given me the chance to.How can I make him give me money, or should I break up with him because he is stingy?If I was a guy, I would not accept money from a girl (even if she’s my partner) except if I was in an extremely serious situation or an awkward one, and even if I did accept, I would return it back as soon as possible.As a girl, I would also return any money I had to borrow from my partner as soon as possible.This is just my point of view, so please do not think I meant to offend anyone else who thinks otherwise.So the long and the short it is it is ok to ask for money even in the early stages of a relationship and men should know that if they are boyfriends they are practising to be husbands and so they should also train to be providers by giving their girlfriends money without them having to ask.I also want to know when a girl can start asking for money from her boyfriend.” Well, I know it may be better to give than receive, but even the most giving among us need a break and we want to receive.

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So for three months, I have had an intimate relationship with a rich, handsome guy.After four years they returned to South Africa and settled in Brandfort, in the Orange Free State.Young Hendrik proved himself to be an able student at the Lutheran School in Wynberg and the Wynberg High School for Boys.I do not want to be discriminative or anything but I think it’s okay for a girl to ask for small amounts of money from her boyfriend (and of course in the early stages of dating because they too can ask for anything on the first day so why should money issues be postponed to later) but I feel that if my partner asked me for money, I would feel less respect for him.Of course it does not mean he is low, but I would feel it is not very manly of him to ask a girl for money.

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