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Mike Edwards of federal Internet Crimes Against Children task force told reporters.'They've had this obsession for most if not all of their lives and in some cases acted out on that obsession against family members.'Edwards told Daily the search at the Shelton home could go on for weeks.'We have something like 14 acres to cover and it's not like it's all flat.It is hilly and wooded and difficult going,' he said.Emery's two older brothers, Charles, 82, who court papers say is suffering from severe dementia, and Thomas, 80, both appeared in court before Judge Sean O'Donnell.The trio have been in custody since detectives raided the home they shared in the Meridian area of Seattle on August 9 and discovered mountains of child porn and children's clothing along with descriptions and pictures of child rape and sacrificial killings.

'But if we thought there was zero chance of finding anything there we would not be searching there,' he added.

He was taken to the hospital after his two brothers disappeared from the house.

They returned on July 11 after a week, the papers say.'As a result of his dementia, Mr.

When she started rummaging through his property she found mountains of disturbing photographs and children's clothes and reported it to police.

She said, she, her mother, and her daughter had all been molested by at least two of the brothers over the years.

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