Mtv safe sex website

To capitalize on the nature of Instagram and Tumblr, we created GIFs sourced from our episodes to further our engagement and reach.Additionally, MTV's editorial team adapted the "Guide To" content for its Discover channel on Snapchat, and for contextual relevance, Trojan Brand aligned their ad creative with content featuring couples modelling safe sex behaviour.“It’s cleverly produced by one of the world’s fastest growing young animation houses and we’ve worked hard to ensure that it’s clickable and shareable, while getting the message across.” Commissioned by creative agency, Oglivy & Mather Hong Kong the animation is a creative way to illustrate an important message.“We had a lot of fun bringing the idea to life and it will be a fully active digital and social global campaign come Valentine’s Day,” says chief creative officer, Reed Collins.The campaign culminated at the biggest cultural event of the summer – the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.

The short animates the tale of Dick the Dog and his owner, “who struggles to contain his pet’s love of holes”.

“Even if it’s an uncomfortable conversation, it’s a conversation we need to have,” she says.

MTV enlisted Fluent Studios to design, develop, and maintain the “It’s Your Sex Life” campaign website: the ultimate destination for young people to get answers about sexual health.

We employed a multi-platform distribution strategy that modelled how Millennials consume content and modified Trojan Brand's content for each platform environment – You Tube, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and TV – so that our message would break through the clutter and be consumed in a variety of ways tailored to each platform.

Long-form episodes were hosted on You Tube, and short-form versions called "Just the Tips" lived on Facebook and Twitter for easy, snackable consumption.

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