Invalidating session in jsp

Disproportionately weighted subject matter was: actions during appeal (i.e.reply briefs, transfer from appeal back to prosecution, action by you and action by examiner after appeal); restriction requirements; broadening reissue (see below); PCT (several questions covered proper claims for benefit of priority of PCT application in fact patterns with complex foreign, international, and US priority situations, and the effect of such complicated applications as prior art under 102(e); questions (as usual) about filing date, especially when applications were filed with missing parts; and a surprising number of questions about appropriate actions to be taken in the event of deceased or incapacitated inventors.I found this especially helpful with the questions asked in the negative, where you have to find which phrase was untrue.If you could search for a block for 4 or so words in the appropriate MPEP section, you would likely find the paragraph that listed all the answers, absent the one that was ‘wrong.’ Regardless of the fact there were so few repeats, I found it very helpful to have done almost all the old exams, as it starts to make things pop out as right or wrong. However, I would say there were only about 15 repeats on the test. Appeal, reissue, reexamination, and PCT were hit hard.

The questions all came from those areas of the MPEP, nothing all that obscure (unless it was a question someone mentioned which was obscure, which we know where to go for that).

Recent test takers indicate that the following “new” questions are in the USPTO’s database servicing the Prometric Patent Bar Exam.

Please also note commonly repeated questions and old exams.

inter parts Spanish phone design question variant 102d 2 month rule for final office action Number of Rejections Required for Appeal purposes when count from parent to continuation Claim of priority to Japanese national app to overcome prior art How /when to claim benefit Restriction Requirement / Continuation Application Appeal: New ground of rejection Reissue/Filing Amendment best mode question supplement oath in reissue I think that you have to really know the exams from the past 2 years.

You can search the MPEP by chapter (so you have to know where to find the answer) or you can search the index of all the chapters. the MPEP text is pretty small which can be hard to read. For the questions I wasn’t sure such as: what is in accordance with the MPEP rules or what is not in accordance or questions type ….except I knew in what chapter to look and I typed the main word in “find” and I got the answer they were looking for.

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