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Now I want all of you to picture the most stereotypically racist type of person you can think of in the Western world.

The women at the socials were much more interested in what the men were like, the way they acted, what they said, and who they were, than simply the color of their skin.

If you are dressed like the average dude, girls will assume you are an average (read: geeky beta) Indian.

Dont Act Fresh Off The Boat The more culturally Fresh Off the Boat one is, the more this is the case.

It is your rationalization hamster tricking you into believing you will never be able to improve your success with women due to whatever insecurity you have so that you won’t exert the time and energy that it takes to improve.

As such, they have now placed white and brown girls on two distinct pedestals.

My final piece of advice to brown guys is not to avoid gaming brown girls, but also to realize that they are not pure snowflakes.

Recorded from Live Show: November 18th, 2010 Hundreds of ethnically diverse men are finding success through A Foreign Affair interracialdatingfor com.I for one can say that I have been honored to work over the years with the high caliber of men and women who avail themselves of our services.Because Indian (and Asian) men have such a high proportion of beta males among them that white women sometimes automatically think youre beta.Remember that most white girls in the cities where most diaspora Indians live grew up with some of them from kindergarden.Accept that the reason you might not do well with girls of other race is about YOUR lack of game and YOUR limiting beliefs and racial insecurities, which instantly dry women’s pussies interracialdatingfor com.

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