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As stated earlier, the most common size of mobile computing device is pocket-sized that can be hand-held, but other sizes for mobile devices exist, too.Mark Weiser, known where tabs are defined as accompanied or wearable centimetre-sized devices, e.g.This mobile device often has a CPU and memory but needs to connect, or be inserted into a reader in order to display its internal data or state.Handheld devices have become ruggedized for use in mobile field management.Dust refers to miniaturised devices without direct HCI interfaces, e.g., micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), ranging from nanometres through micrometers to millimetres. Skin: fabrics based upon light emitting and conductive polymers and organic computer devices.These can be formed into more flexible non-planar display surfaces and products such as clothes and curtains, see OLED display. Although mobility is often regarded as synonymous with having wireless connectivity, these terms are different.In the 2010s, mobile devices can sync and share many data despite the distance or specifications of said devices.

What makes the mobile device unique compared to other technologies is the inherent flexibility in the hardware and also the software.

Accompanied refers to an object being loosely bound and accompanying a mobile host, e.g., a smartphone can be carried in a bag or pocket but can easily be misplaced.

Hence, mobile hosts with embedded devices such as an autonomous vehicle can appear larger than pocket-sized.

Manufacturers include Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Google, Microsoft and Motorola Mobility.

Mobile device may also be a term used to refer exclusively to a smartphone or tablet.

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