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I really enjoyed all of her dramas though sometimes the writing was not very nice, her acting made up for it to some extent! I agree with Eungelic, she's not terribly versatile. Jung Eun-ji is really an artist,she's really best in acting,im so into her roles in reply1997,its like true to life....youre really amazing up always,i hope you have more drama to come... " though I've seen her from all of the dramas shed been to but just this recent time have i discover her .. and a humoristic personality which really makes people smile. On top of that,she does acting&even impressive in it i mean..., What is she actually? i really dont know how your mind works but if you want to write hate mesages, please go away and write it in your diary or something. Hoping all the best and amazing things for my bb girl ❤❤❤ Eunji yeppeota. And please do have a drama with Kang Minhyuk (CNblue) i ship you guys. Please somebody read this and make a drama for them! I found someone who I will love and support forever.All of Chanyeol and Eunji chanji couple Instagram photos and Jin is going to let Mo S stuck fighting her feelings and the Yeon wiggle out of his grasp now SHINE FOREVER Shownu Wonho Minhyuk Kihyun Hyungwon .This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).K pop idols with the same stage name allkpop Forums Top netizen comments from Nate include Don t say you re not going to date just expose everything and Damn you re being cursed at because you deserve .

Dating Scandals fans beware Page allkpop Forums Dating Sitesystemcb But I don t want to be that person who gets mad and angry just because Jimin found somebody He is my bias and my first ever bias and that s why this is .

But she's still the best, she doesn't act all cute 'cause she's already real and naturally beautiful. eun ji is a wonderful contrast of a person who despite fame and honors, could still remain humble and friendly. Seeing Eunji makes me wonder how can this person have such a warm-hearted and sparkling personality. Shouldn't she be snobbish, selfish and vain as most artists are. May God bless your everyday life:) and oh,i hope Apink comebacks with a stronger album this year(Love LUV, No No No and Remember I love very much and I love your leading role in cheer up you are good you are kindhearted,cheerful and most of all you are beautiful and very good at singing,dancing and acting you are the best and hope to see you in other korea movies. : D I'd be in sooooo much happiness if you'd release your own solo song! You're always my ultimate idol~~ Jung Eunji Fighting!!

One of my absolute favorite kpop idols and celeberties and is so down to earth and talanted and perfect. Hope she will have a drama where she is the main lead soon. Intelligent, diversely talented, genuinely kind-hearted & true to who she really is & boy can she eat & she knows how to chop chicken as well. An amazingly very beautiful person inside and outside. She smiles at her surrounding, smile at people and greeting them even if they don't smile or return her greeting. fighting Unnie sassy go go...unnie you do your best. :) I have viewed her on You Tube and what touches me the most is how she love her family .. ^^ :) : D It's too early to tell if she has what it takes to be a great actress. You know exactly where and when she should use what tone, what gestures, which facial expressions, I don't believe that you're a new actress. if u feel that way towards her acting in TWTWB, then she must be good in acting because that is what the director and Eun-Ji herself wants us to feel. She actually presented Hee Sun's expressions very well. I don't like people who write crappy stuff about other people's works, there is ALWAYS something good in all of them.

She hopes to become a teacher which her late mother always wished for (her mother died in a car accident). Though these traits were shared with il woo's character.

Ha-Won has a bright personality and a strong set of morals, but she is unhappy at home. There is nothing here that makes me even Like this character.

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