Dating scene in portland oregon

They had 12 foot wide bunks and were stacked close to 20 feet from the ground.There were other sawmills in the area which were the Baker White Pine mill on Crawford Creek, the Stoddard Brothers Lumber Company, later becoming Stoddard Lumber Company, did a lot of logging in the local area, hauling logs on their own trains in to their mill in Baker.had been doing historical research on various topics of Eastern Oregon over the years, and he has compiled some valuable facts of the old Austin Cemetery.To check out his findings, you can click on the following link: Austin Cemetery The Sumpter Valley Railroad arrived in Austin during 1905.This mill was in operation during the decade preceding World War I.The passenger trains from Baker stopped at the Austin House (Austin Station) for lunch which Ma Austin served at her board house.

Or, if someone else is interested, they can find them at the Grant County Courthouse. Doc had moved in with Linda to help her, but it was probably the other way around. It was one thing Doc was unable to "borrow."In any case, Minot apparently wrote Linda that he wanted to come back and would be on a particular stage.All the tracks except the main line was temporary track. To those who lived at Bates, it was a special place and a special time in their lives. He was married to Linda and they then renamed the site "Austin." At some point Minot joined with some other investors to pursue a business venture. Minot secured a loan from a Baker bank and mortgaged the Austin property as security for the loan.As the crew went out and built the grade, another crew followed behind laying track. The past Bates residents hold a Bates Reunion every two years, in order to renew old friendships and reminisce about the Good Ole Days in Bates. The investment went sour and the bank foreclosed on the mortgage.Just west of Austin Junction are the remains of a mill called the Cavenaugh mill, besides Bridge Creek. This mill was built in 1929, but never sawed a board. Bates was tucked into one of the loveliest valleys in Grant County in Eastern Oregon.It was surrounded by prime timber, with Dixie Butte (elevation 7592 feet above sea level) towering over the town.

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