Consolidating school districts illinois

Only California and Texas have a slightly higher number of school systems than Illinois, but the population of those states is more than double that of Illinois.

You can read more about the new evidence-based school funding formula here. The Illinois State Board of Education reported a total of 866 school districts in the 2011-12 school year.You can learn more about the statutory procedures required for annexing, consolidating, or dissolving school districts and other local governments in Illinois by clicking here.A forthcoming Civic Federation report will provide a comprehensive inventory of all local governments in Illinois.For the purposes of this blog post, Civic Federation uses school district data sourced from the Illinois State Board of Education, unless otherwise noted.The chart below provides a comparison of the number of school systems in selected states across the nation, as reported by the U. Census Bureau.[1] Illinois has the third highest Census-reported number of school systems in the nation with a total of 905.

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