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When I first had to find a place for my dog Layla to stay I was really nervous about leaving her anywhere and hated the thought of using a traditional kennel where she would be in a cage, but at Downhome Doggies I know this is something I never have to worry about!

At Downhome Doggies they treat every dog as if it is their own and for me that made all the difference.

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Kareem, as he’s referenced by most people who are familiar with his life, visited the Glass City, as a part of The Toledo Lucas County Public Library’s, Author Authors series. Following the, approximately, 40 minute discussion, the audience would then be able to address the basketball legend.

This brings accomplished authors to the city, at a low cost, in order for the public to get to meet them, according to Meg Delaney, Main Library Manager. Delaney told The Toledo Journal one of the reasons for bringing the form basketball superstar to Toledo was, “He’s such an accomplished, and inspirational man who attracts a diverse group of people.” She said, he would discuss his basketball career, as well as his new book, “Mycroft Holmes,” which is a fictional writing about Sherlock Holmes’ older brother, who’s briefly mentioned in the original series during the 1890’s. During the discussion Kareem revealed that baseball, not basketball, was his first love.

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It is recommended that you complete each tab of the Applicant Profile.The minute I went there I knew I had absolutely nothing to worry about.Every time I bring Layla there she is really excited and I know she loves running around with the other dogs during the day.Also in the picture are State Reps Michael Ashford district 44, and Michael Sheehy, district 46.He said that, when he first started learning Kung Fu from Bruce Lee, he was told to kick a heavy bag; which he did.

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