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Quand même limage nous dit cent fois plus que la description la plus longue, cest pourquoi jai rassembl les meilleurs photos des fruits, et afin de les identifier plus facilement jai aussi indiqu leurs noms latins au dessous des photos.En même temps, leurs noms en langues plus connus du monde sont aussi disponibles.A lista jabb gymlcskkel val kibvtsnek sincs akadlya, ha ezek finomak, zletesek, vagyis nagy rdekldsre szmthatnak.In conservative West Orange, New Jersey, the Ostroff and Walling families are very close. Their daughter, Vanessa, is frustrated because she has not succeeded in her career as a designer.Unfortunately, at this time, only the Latin, Hungarian, English, German, Romanian and Hebrew list is complete.Lack of time and money hinders my translation efforts.I also welcome new photographs of any fruit already included that would make this collection even better.Of course the list is by no means final, the addition of any new fruit that is delicious, tasty, appetizing, in a word appealing to the readers, welcomed.

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Ohne diese aufopfernde Arbeit wre die Zusammenstellung dieser Sammlung nicht mglich gewesen.It is my hope that all interested will benefit from my work and that they dont have to spend months looking through books and searching the Internet trying to find the correct name and picture for each fruit they are interested in.If a mistake or omission is found please let me know so I can make the necessary correction or addition.Gleichzeitig gebe ich die Namen und die Bezeichnungen in den verschiedenen Weltsprachen an.Leider sind nur die Listen auf latein, ungarisch, englisch, deutsch, rumnisch und hebrisch komplett. Geldmangel muss man auf die bersetzung in andere Sprachen warten.

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